Test your mobile or desktop screen in full screen color mode with different colors.
Turn your screen into blue, green, yellow, pink, or any other color of your choice.

You can click the colors box above to open the color full screen. You can use the ESC key or double tap to return to the default screen.

You can also click on the colored boxes below to get a full color screen preview of a particular color.

Here, you can enter any favorite, browser-recognized color name, or hexadecimal color code to get a full screen preview of that color, such as gold, diamond, black, white, #7B6F8E, etc.

Choose Your Color Screen-

Choose any screen color with the screen color picker tool. To use it, click the full color screen you want, and your screen will change.

Wants to Start Random Colors Screen Slideshow? Here It Is
And my favorite thing is to see a slideshow of all colors.

Set of colored balls to choose for various color screens.

Display Message

Text –   Background –

Welcome Cutie 🤍

Welcome Cutie 🤍

This is spartan

Display your message on a full screen message displayer with your chosen color.

What is Colors Screens or Display Colors?

Display Colors is a website that offers various options for color screen lovers like color screen test, full color screen, screen color picker, monitor color test, full screen message displayer, etc. Our purpose is to help computer and phone users get the most out of their screens, check pixels, and change the screen color without using color screen videos.

On displaycolors.com, you’ll find your desired screen colors.

How to Use a Color Screen?

Display Colors is quite simple and easy to use. Therefore, anyone can use it with computers and mobiles with 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Open Display Colors – Color Screen Test website.

Step 2: Click on any color button.

Step 3: Double-tap or click Esc button to back the normal screen.

How to Stop Sleep Mode When the Color Screen is On?

Please follow the steps below to change the sleep time on Windows and Mac. Be sure to change it back to normal once you’re done. Most users are using Windows or Mac devices, so we have mentioned only these two.

  1. Windows: Go to Settings > Power & Battery > Screen and Sleep. Change the Sleep time as needed or click here to open it directly.
  2. Mac: Click the Apple icon > System Preferences > Energy Saver. Change Computer Sleep and Display Sleep as needed.

Use of Full Screen Colors

Color screens can be used to change the color of a website and even your screen. It often offers a selection of color options, as well as a way to preview and apply the chosen color. Advanced features have included the full screen color, screen color test, screen color picker, as well as creating custom full screen messages and saving custom color schemes.

Why a Color Screen Website instead of a Color Screen Video?

There are several advantages to using a color screen website instead of a color screen video:

Color Screen Website vs Color Screen Video

Color screen websites and color screen videos are both ways to display a single color on the screen. For the color screen test above boxes and for the color screen video, try the following video:


Benefits of Colors Screen Website

Our color screen can bring lots of benefits, whether it’s in the form of a website, video, or any other visual medium:

Why Use Our Display Colors Screen Website?

You have access to a lot of internet resources these days, but you may not want to use them all at once. For example, watching videos, playing games, and streaming movies use a lot of data. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, you can start a color screen video on your device. However, this consumes a lot of RAM, power supply, battery, and electricity.

That’s why we created our colors screen website. Here, you can find your favorite colors with just a click and watch them on full screen for the greatest viewing experience.

Screen Color Picker | FAQs

What is a display colors screen?

Display Color Screen is a website known for monitor color test where you can access the full screen of any color.

How do I get my screen back to normal color?

Click Esc or F11 Key or double tap on the screen.

How to change screen color?

Click on any box or use a hexadecimal color code for a custom color full screen.

Which color system is for screens?

The most common color system used for screens is RGB (red, green, blue). RGB is a subtractive color system, which means that the colors are created by mixing different amounts of light.

What is a color screen test?

The color screen test is a simple yet useful tool used to find dust particles and malfunctioning pixels. You can also use this tool to wipe down your screen effectively when it is displaying an image.